Zographic films is Sofia-based production company, specialized in 3D animation, VFX and postproduction, founded in 1994 by the director/producer Lachezar Velinov. For more than 25 years it has been producing commercial and non-commercial audio-visual production: adverts, animated films, documentaries. The founder of Zographic films is also the constitutor of Association of Bulgarian Animation Producers (ABAP).

Established in 1994 as a production company specialized in advertising, Zographic Films gradually shifted its focus to 2D & 3D animation and VFX. After creating a very successful body of work in the ad industry, including commercials for Coca Cola, Toyota, Pepsi, Motorola and many others, we discovered that the world of animation in Bulgaria was underexplored and plunged right into it.
Today, we are one of the leading animation companies in the region with valuable expertise and resources, which we utilize both in our own projects and in co-productions with professionals from various industries.
As a mid-size company, we are flexible and efficient while offering top quality services at highly competitive costs. We have plenty of experience with all stages of the production pipeline: modeling, shading, set-dressing, rigging, rendering, compositing, etc. Always learning and growing, Zographic Films is constantly seeking out new partners for exciting collaborations resulting in work we are proud of.


• 2003 – Wiesbaden goEast, Германия – Награда на публиката „Най-добра анимация“, „Хабанера“

• 2003 – Златен ритон – Награда „Най-добра анимация“, „Хабанера“

• 2003 – Златна ракла, Пловдив – Награда на журито за „Трябва да ти кажа нещо“


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Co-production • Co-development 

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Producing • 2D and 3D animation • visual effects • commercials

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