Animated short film | 6’

The Illuminer

A story about the path that each of us walks, about the choices we make, about how once we have chosen the difficult path, we must walk it to the end. Man at the beginning of his journey does not know others’ pain. What will happen when he shows compassion? What price will you have to pay? And can he give up?

The Protagonist walks alone through a forest on his way, aiming for a distant goal – a shining star above the horizon. This light gives him motivation and energy to continue. The light weakens and intensifies, and sometimes disappears, obscured by clouds, and this affects the state of the character. At one point he is flying, at another he is barely dragging himself, losing strength. He is alone in the forest, but when he emerges from it in the wide field around the shining star, he finds other people like him, attracted to the same goal. Some of them pursue their goal with energy and drive, others barely move, and others meet their end by falling apart into a pile of stones.

The Protagonist is not indifferent to the suffering of others, but to a very small extent he manages to help, because while caring for one, many others meet their end.

The Protagonist reaches the common goal – a huge hill of stones with a high pylon at the top from where the life-giving light for all flows. But during the journey, the star loses its brightness. At one point, it blinks and almost goes out. Many people in despair lose the will to live.

Only the Protagonist gathers the courage to climb the ladder to the top of the hill. The crowd greets him and he begins his ascent, which is a surreal physical and mental effort to achieve a lofty goal.

When he reaches the top, he finds that the light is maintained by a man, extremely forworn and exhausted – the Patriarch, who is sucked into the base of the obelisk. The Protagonist tries to help him and get him to his feet, to get him out of the stone. And he succeeds, but it makes the light go out completely. Freed from the shackles, the Patriarch takes the path down, and the Protagonist is forced by the crowd of stones to take his place. Light illuminates the world again, and order is restored.


Director: Lachezar Velinov

Scriptwriter: Lachezar Velinov and Teodora Piperevska

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2D, 3D, classic hand-drawn animation and special effects

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Association of the
Bulgarian Animation Producers

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