Feature Film | 90’

The Conqueror Worm

The prosperity and bliss of a mighty city are shattered when the shadow of death appears, forcing the inhabitants to battle outer threats and to face their own mortality, inner fears and dark desires.

The Duke, the Duchess, the Knight, the Adviser, the Scientist, the Muse and the Priest live in prosperity in a mighty city.
One day, a man appears. Black dust pours out of him, forming a humanoid Dark figure that covers the city and disappears. Before dying, the man warns them of their coming doom.
The blissfulness is shattered – famine, plague and enemies attack the land.
All succumb to their dark desires and fears.
The Duke becomes obsessed with wealth; The Adviser gluttonously seeks power; the Priest persecutes heretics, the Knight falls into rage and violence; the Duchess resorts to vampirism to sustain her youth; the Scientist loses hope, forced to make war machines; the Muse stops playing due to an injury.
The Scientist is accused of treason and executed. At this moment, the Dark figure appears. The Knight slays it, but it transforms into giant worms which destroy the city and devour everyone.
At the end, only the Muse finds the inner strength to play again, accepting her end with dignity.


Written and directed by Petar Topalov

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Various techniques: Traditional 2D, digital 3D elements

Development stage:

In development

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Co-Development, Co-Production, Gap financing, etc. 

Association of the
Bulgarian Animation Producers

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