Series | 26x11’

The Brownies

Ellie is a curious girl with a big imagination. She’s eager to discover the world beyond her home. The Brownies - small creatures with magical powers who live in the house - are here to help!

Pepper, Basil and Rosemary are the Brownies – tiny magical creatures who live in the attic of an old house. They receive their powers when they eat biscuits born from the Biscuit Tree. Elly is a curious little girl with huge imagination. She is eager to discover the world beyond her neat home. She is hungry for adventures. With their magical powers and endless creativity, the Brownies are committed to fulfill all of Elly’s brave fantasies. The Brownies reshape the everyday life at home and in the classroom and introduce Elly to mind-wrecking new worlds. Often, these worlds hold risks and hide traps of their own. The inventive Brownies find themselves in a race against time as they try to put the house in order again before Elly’s neat and orderly parents suspect there is a disorder.


Scriptwriter: Alexandra Lopes-Koleva

Target audience:

Children 4-7



Development stage:

• a pilot episode in post-production stage with a Spanish co-producer
• a published children’s illustrated book,
financed with the help of National fund “Culture”
and Sofia Municipality “Culture” program

Release date:


The project is looking for:

Co-producers, Broadcasters, Directors, Writers, Investors, distributors

Association of the
Bulgarian Animation Producers

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