Animated Feature Film | 90’


Grizzlebetter, the prince of the kingdom of the stone people, becomes friends with their enemies the Green World. After many adventures they overcome their differences and begin co-existing in peace.

Trocks are the most ancient race on Earth. Their life is sustained by the Earthly energy. But their reign have passed and it seems that the new Green world supplants them.
In Volcania, the last of the trock’s kingdoms, stone people are hostile to the organic creatures. But the crown prince Grizzlebetter loves plants and animals. Nobody understands him, even his mother, Qeen Grimalda and his brother Grouf.
The shaman Toramat wants the trocks to rise to power again. He wakes the Volcano and trocks, intoxicated by its enormous energy, start a wave of destruction. Grizzlebetter should make a choice – to be on the side of his race or to save his friends – the animals from The Green Valley. After various adventures the animals have been saved, but Grizzlebetter is in trouble. Grouf feels there is something wrong with Toramat’s intentions. And the ancestor Eah reveals to him that the trocks have an ancient mission: to take care of the Green world. Toramat’s actions brings ecological catastrophe, exhausts the Volcano and the trocks lose all their energy. And, paradoxically, the ardent traditionalism leads to loss of traditions. At the most hopeless moment, the queen and Grouf receive unexpected help. The modest metal helpers – dum-dullies construct a giant metal man with their bodies. After a series of mishaps the powers of good restore the world’s balance.

Target audience:

Children 8-13 and their parents



Development stage:

So far we have:
• treatment
• characters
• a script development grant from
National Film Center, Bulgaria

Release date:


The project is looking for:

Co-producer, Broadcaster, Investor, Script doctor, Director

Association of the
Bulgarian Animation Producers

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