Full Moon Wolf is a Bulgarian film production company. The activity of the company is working with artists constantly to broaden the age, territory and engagement of the audience – from feature films, documentaries and animation for all-ages to, even recently, theatre plays. The portfolio of FMW comprises mostly of debuts. The organization aims to develop this activity on a national and global level based on the ambition and capabilities of its young creators and empathetic partners.

Pavel Pavlov, the founder of the studio, is a Bulgarian film producer of more than 20 feature, documentary and animation film projects, supported by various national funds for over a decade. He focuses his projects on animation, which he includes in his doctoral dissertation; on projects for children with the realization of the fantasy family movie “Smart Christmas” and theatre play of the same name; also an emphasis on the Bulgarian self-consciousness and identity with numerous documentary projects.



SMART Christmas (2018)

feature fantasy family movie | debut | 90'

Full Moon Wolf​



short animation | 10'

Full Moon Wolf​

APOSTLE - poster

The Apostle meets the Acolyte (2019)

documentary about the Bulgarian revolutionary Vasil Levski | 54'

Full Moon Wolf​


• 36th Golden Rose Bulgarian Film Festival – Audience’s Award and Diploma for Original Idea for the movie ‘SMART CHRISTMAS (2018)

• 20th Golden Rhyton Documentary Film Festival – Debut Award for the feature documentary ‘Eduard Zahariev – life 24fps’ (2013)

Interested in:

Co-production • Co-development • Commericals • etc

Experts in:

Pre-production• pipeline management • 2D

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