Cross-platform (Series + Games) | 26 x 11’

Code Benders

Two Virtual Academy cadets are thrown a hundred hops away from home in a mysterious glitch caused by a delusional AI. Now, they have to use their gadgets, brains, and coding skills to find a way back.

Code Benders is a futuristic, adventurous and action-packed, gender-neutral, cross-platform experience for kids (6-9) that introduces them to coding concepts, problem-solving and critical thinking while having loads of fun.

In a not-so-distant future life has become mostly virtual and everybody’s crazy about Virtualia – a network of virtual worlds where people and AIs live, travel, play and learn. In the center of Virtualia is the Academy – the greatest coding school ever, where kids study to become system architects – the only people who can build exciting new worlds in Virtualia…


Target audience:

Kids, 6-9


2D & 3D

Development stage:

Code Benders is in early development.
It has been selected by Cartoon360
and we are currently in negotiations with
potential co-producers.

Release date:


The project is looking for:

Development funding & Co-production partners

Association of the
Bulgarian Animation Producers

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